Advent Incubator

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The Lord’s advent often comes in the daily activity of our life. It is because He comes in the quiet non-glamorized moments of our life that His advent is most precious to our hearts. Moreover, when I look at Scripture I find two descriptors that accompany Jesus’ advent over and over again:
1. His advent is often is characterized by coming in unstable external environments 2. His advent is drawn from Heaven because of the stability of the internal nature of our hearts.
His advent is also for a bigger purpose than we can ever imagine and His advent’s purpose is fully revealed in the daily’s of our life. If we’d keep going without loosing heart or hope, there is something for us beyond what our minds or hearts can possibly imagine.
This advent season I feel the Lord has something special for us if we will keep our eyes on the internal composition of His work in our hearts. The external craziness is only the context for His advent not the determining factor. It may look different than what we thought it would but He is at work. Within the daily minutia of our lives we have a Gabriel kind of visitation awaiting us and its much bigger than just us. His advent has always been about this, “…To make ready a people prepared for The Lord.” Luke 1.17
That’s why His advent will be tested in the daily activity of our lives. I imagine us like Zachariah serving in the temple day in and day out, week in and week out, year in and year out, eagerly anticipating Someone’s advent that has yet to come. It’s the daily’s that is preparing our hearts, like Zachariah, to raise a Nazarite to view the promise of His advent through the lens of Luke 1.17. Thus, the daily activity of our lives becomes the incubator for the fulfilled promise of His advent to our personal lives.

Pastor Joel

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