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Storms. Live any significant length of time and I promise you will find yourself in some. Sometimes storms travel in packs: sometimes we have to face storms on multiple fronts – family, physical, job. If … Read More

Dream of A King

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On Monday, our nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Specifically, it’s a day to honor a man who pioneered a movement that helped bring justice to a group of people that had been systematically marginalized … Read More

Advent Incubator

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The Lord’s advent often comes in the daily activity of our life. It is because He comes in the quiet non-glamorized moments of our life that His advent is most precious to our hearts. Moreover, … Read More

The Oil of Advent

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A spiritual principle that the Lord has been unpacking with me over the last few weeks is this: Intimacy is not transferrable. Try it in a much more confusing manner: if intimacy isn’t intimate it … Read More

Embracing Accusations

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I’m always amazed at how an artist in a moment can put something into song that can strike so close to the heart. I had recently purchased a cd from shane and shane and this … Read More

Here Come the Dreamers

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I was in one of our corporate prayer meetings this past week and I sensed the Lord whisper something to my heart, “The land is given to the dreamers.” I sensed that He wasn’t referencing … Read More