Dream of A King

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On Monday, our nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Specifically, it’s a day to honor a man who pioneered a movement that helped bring justice to a group of people that had been systematically marginalized by our society. The reality of Dr. King’s “dream” was ultimately much bigger than him; it was about change and reconciliation. For a multi-ethnic church such as ours, this “dream” and a day to honor the heart of the “dream” holds incredible significance. It holds such weight not because of our understanding of sociology, but rather because of our understanding of theology and the heart of God. We are a multi-ethnic church because it is the heart of the Gospel.

In Paul’s letter to Ephesus he makes this statement:
“For He Himself is our peace and has broken down the wall of separation having abolished in His flesh the enmity that is the law of commandments contained in ordinances so as to create in Himself one new man from the two, thus making peace and that He might reconcile them [Jew and Gentile] both to God in one body through the cross …” Paul makes this bold statement here: the cross of Christ reconciled men both to God and to each other. That in the finished work of Jesus Christ, the work of reconcil- iation between ethnicities was finished. The multi-ethnic church is a testimony to the world that peace is possible. Only the multi-ethnic church—by the Spirit, through the Son —can give an answer to the ethnic unrest in our society. The multi-ethnic church is the greatest visible testimony to the work of Jesus Christ that a world can see.

As believers, we hold the value of multi-ethnicity—not because our communities are increasingly growing diverse, but because this is the heart of the Gospel. May we stand and contend for a church to walk in ethnic harmony as a prophetic vision of the throne room of God where, “Every tribe, tongue, and nation” worship.
Pastor Joel

2 Comments on “Dream of A King”

  1. Omg. Your post has given me life today. I have been and was stressed, feeling anxiety over all that has happened in America and the world abroad. Thank you for your words or wisdom. I am touched and you will never know how much I needed this message. May God bless you, your family and more importantly, your ministry. Thank you again.

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