Blessing Hampton Roads one life at a time.

The Dream Center is a program-based missional initiative designed to help the disenfranchised, activate the church, and build a bridge for those for outside of the church to discover Jesus.


Good Samaritan Project

The GSP is the Dream Center’s program that provides a circle of care to the unemployed and homeless of Hampton Roads. The GSP offers mental and spiritual support through mentoring and provides classes for life skills training, financial planning, and character development.

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ESL Samaritan Ministry

The ESL (English as a Second Language) reaches out to the residents of Hampton Roads who are impoverished. The Dream Center seeks to partner with existing programs by sending Samaritans who can provide language tutoring and other forms of support. Some Samaritan opportunities that will be available through this ministry are:

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Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope is the foster care/adoption initiative of the Dream Center. The ministry’s vision is to see “no more orphans” in Hampton Roads by educating, equipping, and supporting families already engaged or interested in foster care and/or adoption. By raising awareness of the needs of children in the foster care system, our hope is to increase the number of certified Christian families in our region.

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