Be the Light
December 4, 2021. All day

Be the Light is DreamCenter’s holiday program focused on sharing the love of Jesus Christ with single-parent families in Hampton Roads. As DreamCenter’s impact continues to grow, the mission to restore the dreams of the disenfranchised in our region has expanded beyond the initial focus on those experiencing homelessness to also include others in need, such as single parents.


During 2022, DreamCenter hopes to establish support groups, financial assistance, and residential programs that will support single parents and their children. This Christmas, we are thankful to partner with several non-profits who are currently assisting single parents and their children.

Visit one of our four physical campuses on the weekends of November 21/22 & 27/28 to receive a Be the Light packet for a parent or child in need. Return your wrapped gift to the campus from which you received your envelope during the weekend services of Dec 4/5 or during the office hours of that specific campus.