January 11, 2020. All day

This year’s theme is Wake Up.

The call of Jesus to His Body, Bride, and Church is to awaken from a past reputation of being alive; but is yet sleeping and doesn’t even know it. This is the hour and time of Her greatest moment and if She is going to see heaven break-in, She must be awake and take Her place in prayer. 

From January 12–February 1 we will be spending our time as a church in prayer for 21 days. There will be a “Wake Up” Prayer Devotional written by our own Pastors and Directors available in the church lobbies for $5 that can help focus you through this 21-day journey.

We will also be having corporate prayer events throughout the 21 days:

January 10–11, 6:00p–6:00p  |  24-Hour Worship and Prayer Watch  |  Kempsville Campus, Sanctuary & Chapel
January 20, 6:45p  |  MLK Prayer Event  |  Ghent Campus
Week of January 26  |  School Focused Prayer  |  Each Campus’ Prayer Meetings

All of this is culminating with our Prayer Summit on February 1 from 9:00a–3:00p. For more details on the Prayer Summit, click here.