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Pursuing Jesus Christ in community.

Life is meant to be lived in community. We strive for church to be more than a place where we gather to hear a great message and stirring music. New Life Church is a community, an adopted family. It’s possible to get lost in the crowd on Sunday morning; Life Groups are places where you can know others and be known by them. The real you, without pretense or disguise.

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Why Life Groups?

Life Groups provide the most effective, ongoing environment for discipleship, spiritual growth, community, leadership development, pastoral care, and everything the Bible describes “church” to be. They are the foundational building block of New Life. It’s the only ministry we ask members to intentionally commit to.

Types of Groups


Classic groups are focused on discipleship and Christian community. These groups generally consist of fellowship, worship, Bible-based discussion, and ministry.


Groups that are classified as “affinity” are those that gather around a specified point of interest. Examples of topics include relationships, marriage, evanglism and apologetics.


We live out gospel-centered community through Support Groups. These groups give men and women a safe place to pursue redemption in Christ from sin and suffering.

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List of Groups