Worship & Arts


A life transforming encounter with God.

Our worship teams are a community of people that desire God’s presence in worship to transform New Life’s community of believers and the community at large. We recognize the awesome responsibility that God has placed on our lives as worshippers and are committed to aligning our whole hearts, lives, thoughts, and attitudes to God’s pursuit of us.

We sing various styles of songs ranging from traditional and contemporary hymns, songs from other artists to songs written by our teams, all in an effort to present a worship offering that brings joy to God’s heart.


Service Opportunities


Our vocal team consists of frontline singers, song leaders, and worship leaders. Auditions and rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings.


Accompanying the choir and vocalists at weekend services, musicians are expected to be able to read chord charts. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings.


Male and female dancers with a background in ballet, tap dance, hip-hop, street, urban, classical, and Latin. All levels of experience are welcome!


Interested in serving as a vocalist or musician? Contact Tina at 757.227.6930 or email [email protected]

Interested in serving on a dance team? Contact Ashlea Lusher at 757.227.6930 or email [email protected]


Get connected with a community of visual artists who meet regularly to create, learn, grow, and encourage one another.

Contact Jill Eulo for more information at [email protected]

Arts Café

The Arts Café is a venue intended to release creative expression at New Life. The threefold purpose of Arts Café is to create:

  • A venue where the creative arts can be expressed and appreciated.
  • A venue to release and feature artists within New Life and the community.
  • A venue where outreach is non-threatening and inviting.

For the most up to date Arts Café information e-mail [email protected]