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As you are aware we have entered into an unprecedented season for our church: both in the scope of the transition of leadership, but also in Pastor Dan’s health journey. We sense this is an opportune moment for New Life Church’s primary leadership team to engage prayer in a new and fresh way.

That is why we feel it is of vital importance to re-deploy the prayer shield for Pastor Dan, Rhonda and the NLC leadership. The primary purpose is to engage prayer over his health and the secondary purpose is to pray a fresh sense of vision and unity as we enter into the transition process.

The prayer shield will be organized around one strategy: create prayer gatherings three times a day for Pastor Dan, Rhonda and the NLC leadership. These 30 minute prayer gatherings will occur between Monday and Friday; one prayer session in the morning, one session in the noon day and one session in the evening. Prayer coordinators have selected specific prayer time slot which will occur in-person or via Zoom each week. The time and venue selected will remain throughout the 3-month commitment period.

We believe that this is our moment to lay ahold, in fresh and bold ways, of God’s promises for Pastor Dan and New Life. We know that heaven is moved when the Church prays. (Acts 12:5-17).

Please click one of the links below to make your 3-month commitment to join and to select your weekly day/time slot.

Thank you for your faithful commitment to God and His church. Together, we will pray with a bold expectation that The God of the Breakthrough will hear and answer us as we pray.

United in His Love,

Pastor Kevin and Pastor Joel



7:00a, online via Zoom

12:00 noon at Kempsville Campus

7:00p, online via Zoom


7:30a at Everbowl Greenbrier

12:00 noon at Kempsville Campus

7:00p at Kempsville Campus


11:30a at Kempsville Campus

1:00p at Kempsville Campus

9:00p, online via Zoom


7:30a, online via Zoom

12:00 noon, online via Zoom

6:00p at Kempsville Campus


6:00a, online via Zoom

12:00 noon, online via Zoom

7:00p, online via Zoom