2 Comments on “Jesus Is: Friend of Sinners”

  1. I love the phrase, ” Jesus was a friend to whom ever would let Him be a friend.” I was out of town & missed this sermon; a member told me one Wed. morning to pull it up – that I would it. Pastor, I experience a lot of these feelings since I have many family members who haven’t made Jesus Lord of their lives. Coping with their views, and loving them as God loves me, seeing them thru eyes of faith – – – I am constantly challenged to let my light shine! Then, my spouse is a legalist. In this sermon you actually point out how t/legalist aims to point fingers!! They d/n show Grace. This is so good.

    (I googled this on Edge. that’s all i kno about “what website ” )

  2. I have unsaved family members, and am challenged to show the love of Jesus often. So often they make comments concerning politics and racism that I can’t agree with, but d/n want to tart a fight. This sermon even points out how legalists constantly are pointing fingers – a problem I suffer with my legalistic husband. I push on in knowing the joy of he Lord is my strength. I want the world to look at me too, and make accusations via their not understanding yet. I want others to experience my joy too.

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