One Comment on “The Word as Lamp and Fire”

  1. Hi Pastor Dan. I have to give you a big AMEN to this message. I’ve agreed with all the messages on the importance of the word in our lives, but I think that this one really is a home run! So many Christians don’t have a strong base of knowledge of God’s word to guide them. Your first example of how Christians can warp the meaning of the scriptures is pretty accurate. With this understanding of how important a contextual understanding of scripture is, I’m really surprised that our churches don’t have regular expository Bible studies. Leaving it to the inexperienced and sometimes immature Christian to do it themselves seems rather risk; especially these days with false teachers all around. Even some small group leaders have had questionable views of scripture. I would really love to have a pastor led, verse by verse study of at least the books of the New Testament since much of God’s instruction for how we should live out our lives as ambassadors of Christ is found there. It’s just a thought. Thanks for the great word!

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