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  1. Excellent message and powerful video Pastor Dan . As we walk with Jesus , He continues to reveal the Father to us. Your sermon reminded me of a song “He Ran to me ” ( The Prodigal Son ) by Phillips, Craig and Dean . Blessings John

  2. I was so touched by your message. I know it was for me from God. Thank you for your faithfulness and service allowing Him to use you for His glory. I praise God for his amazingness and how he works in mysterious ways. I’m ever so humbled to the core when I’m reminded of His grace, mercy and love. You did that for me this Sunday.
    My father passed away this June. I know within me I’m still grieving so it was so hard watching that clip. I wish i had had more time with my father and wish i had just done many things differently. Though i talked to him sparingly it had been 22 years since i had last seen him and i was just 3 months away from my planned trip to visit with him and that didn’t happen. I reason things through and understand that’s the nature of life. Death can happen and does happen sometimes when least expected. As painful as it is there’s something life changing about it. It is clearly a life changing moment.
    Thank you for reminding and helping me understand true love as that exemplified by God. One that overcomes all barriers and all obstacles. One that drives you into action. I’m still learning. I pray i know how to love like He loves. I have faith He wants me to. He wants us all. Its no accident that I’m writing this now and that i was in church this past Sunday and that you preached that sermon. It’s more than evidence of His amazingness, mysterious ways and above all His love.
    So….thank you for your faithfulness.. May God continue to bless you and use you for His glory. May you be encouraged as I have been encouraged.
    He’s a good and amazing God. May all the glory and praise be to Him.

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