3 Comments on “Who Is Your ONE?”

  1. Kevin Terrell Lee – really praying the Holy Spirit will open his hears to the Word of God, his eyes to the grace of God, his heart to the love of God, and his mind to the will of God. He’s trying to “find himself” but i am praying that the Lord will find him and bring into the Kingdom. Right now he’s like a bat in a snowstorm, but I know God is able and with Him all things are possib;e.

    I’m also praying for godly wisdom in reaching out to him, as he he is alittle hostile toward anyone “telling hi what to do”. I ask the Holy Spirit to direct my steps, show me to speak and when to be qiet. Above all, how to shower love on my grandson without him feeling “smothered”.

  2. It is God’s Will that non should perish. Yes He is able and He is Willing. Continue to pray! God shine His face on you and guide you. ❤️

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