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Growing up, I embraced the role of a fighter. My middle name, meaning defender, reflected my commitment to stand up for others who were mistreated or picked on. I was surrounded by friends who shared my cause, ready to “stand in the gap” whenever I faced my own battles. Together, we understood the strength found in unity and agreed to band together, promising to fight if necessary. The solidarity we formed meant that even when I stood alone, my adversaries hesitated, knowing I was backed by a fearless support system. They stayed battle ready!

In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat faced a similar predicament. Bullied by enemies and filled with fear, he sought God’s guidance. The Spirit of the Lord spoke through Jahaziel, reassuring Jehoshaphat that the battle was not his but God’s. The instruction was clear: take up positions, stand firm, and witness the deliverance the Lord would provide. Jehoshaphat and the assembly bowed before the Lord in agreement with God’s plan. Their unity sealed their victory!  God fought for them.

As Believers, we often find ourselves facing battles without seeking God’s guidance. We may attempt to go it alone, struggling unnecessarily when victory could be easily achieved with God’s help and the support of our other  Believers. The story of Jehoshaphat serves as a reminder that our actions should align with God’s plan. Instead of acting first and asking later, we should seek God’s direction, trusting in His wisdom.

The importance of agreement in prayer cannot be overstated. By agreeing with God’s plan and praying for one another, we break our agreement with the Adversary and come into alignment with the will of God! We are called to be a house of prayer. A place where God’s purposes and plans are fulfilled. Our “YES and AMEN” to the will of God opens us up to the supernatural power and presence of God.  The Lord is with us and He hears when we pray! We draw near to Him and we sense His nearness. He is our Helper! Our Prayer Summit provides an opportunity for Believers to come together, lock shields, and agree in prayer. It’s a powerful reminder that you are not alone in your battles. The strength found in unity multiplies the impact of our prayers. Just as Jehoshaphat and his assembly bowed before the Lord in agreement, we can join forces in prayer, trusting that God knows best. 

In this month of prayer and throughout 2024, let this be a constant reminder that you don’t have to face your battles alone. The Prayer Summit (and our prayer meetings that are held every week all year), become a sacred space where Believers can unite, surrounded by others who are committed to agreeing in prayer with one another. Embrace the assurance that you are not alone – God is with you, and when we agree in prayer nothing is impossible!  Join us this Saturday in prayer, and let the power of agreement strengthen your faith.

– Nina Anderson

“By agreeing with God’s plan and praying for one another, we break our agreement with the Adversary and come into alignment with the will of God!”