Our Team

Dan Backens

Senior Pastor

Kevin Turpin

Senior Associate Pastor

Liam Coventry

Executive Pastor

Keena Dickerson

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Miller

Campus Pastor, Kempsville
& Multisite Pastor

Melvin McCleese

Campus Pastor, Deep Creek

David McBride

Dream Center Director
& Campus Pastor, Ghent

Tina Davis

Campus Pastor, Online

Joel Solomon

Campus Pastor, Town Center

Manuela Asamoah

Assistant Pastor, Kempsville

Rhonda Backens

Central Technical Support

Matthew Backens

Service Director, Kempsville

Cleanne Bowen

Assistant Worship Director, Kempsville

Mari Brenneman

Office Manager, Ghent

Mikia Brigham

Database Administrator

Trisha Brown

KidLife Preschool Coordinator,
Deep Creek

Wayne Buechler

Assistant Pastor, Kempsville

Steve Carlin

Assistant Pastor, Kempsville

Amberlea Darden

Director of Ministries, Ghent

Christian Ellis

Saturday Night Service Coordinator

Nancy Feucht

Encore Ministry Coordinator

Lerin Gables

Worship Director, Kempsville

Sidney Gathers

Young Adult Director
& Youth Director, Kempsville

Jeff Gossmann

Assistant Pastor, Deep Creek

Debra Gray

Digital Marketing Coordinator & Worship Coordinator, Town Center

Jerry Hart

Facilities Assistant, Deep Creek

William “Matt” Keller

Facilities Assistant, Town Center

William “Bill” Lyness

Facilities Assistant, Kempsville

Rolinda Marcum

Office Manager, Deep Creek

Patrick McCleese

Facilities Manager, Ghent

Maggie Mitchell

Central Receptionist

Isa Monell

Office Manager, Town Center

Ben Moody

Facilities Manager, Deep Creek

Nic Muniz

Facilities Manager, Kempsville

Shaquera Myers

KidLife Elementary Director, Kempsville

Jackson Park

Youth Director, Deep Creek

Cedric Pollard

Production Assistant

Terri Simmons

Creative Director,
Video & Production

Avery Solomon

KidLife Coordinator, Town Center

Glen Strouss

Assistant Director of Accounting

Jerry Vickers

Accounts Payable

Tammie Wade

Human Resources Director

Rachel Watkins

KidLife Director, Deep Creek

Dana Williams

Assistant Pastor, Town Center

Carolyn Wolford

Office Manager, Kempsville

Rob Wolford

Creative Director,
Design & Marketing

Liz Wolford

KidLife Preschool Director, Kempsville