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Family Ministries

Every child in New Life Church would have someone in their lives who knows their name, knows their story, and is praying for them.

We believe that as we lay the foundation to knowing a child’s name, knowing their story and beginning to pray for them, it is the necessary catalyst to seeing a generation awakened and transformed. There are two important nouns we believe children need in order to anchor their lives in something solid: a PERSON and PLACE to belong.

Research would suggest the earlier a child can identify the “who’s” and “where’s” of their life, the more solid their faith will be. We desire to see these questions answered with the where being the local church and the who being you! 

This is the philosophy of ministry that we practice within our Family Ministries Department: We can do more togetherObviously, nobody has a greater impact on the life of a child than a parent. But we also must know that they aren’t the only important influence. When we the church engages with parents and partner with them, a child’s faith can be impacted forever.

In order to impact the next generation, family and the faith community need to work together to demonstrate the message of God’s story. 

If it’s not you, then who? 

If it’s not now, then when?  

If it’s not worth the sacrifice, then why? 

When we do something together, it has the potential to affect how this generation sees God. We are passionate about family ministries. Please, prayerfully consider making a forever impact by committing to be a small group leader in the life of a child or student.

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