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Our Beliefs

Inspiration of Scriptures

We believe in the verbal plenary inspiration of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, by the Holy Spirit as originally given; they are the final authority for our faith and life.

II Timothy 3:16 | Hebrews 4:12

Triune God

We believe in one God revealed in three coequal, distinct persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

Matthew 3:16-17 | Matthew 28:19-20 | Ephesians 2:18


We believe that man in his natural state is a sinner—lost, undone, without hope, and without God.

Ephesians 2:1-2 | Romans 3:23

Divinity and Humanity of Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God who, by His incarnation and virgin birth, took upon Himself the form of man and became the God-Man. In the one person of Christ there are two natures, human and divine, each in its completeness and integrity. They are distinguishable but indivisible, so that He is fully man and fully God. He lived a sinless life and became the only sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Ephesians 1:3-5 | Romans 5:1-11 | Acts 12:4 | I Peter 1:18-19

Bodily Resurrection

We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Luke 24:38-43 | John 20:24-29


We believe that the terms of salvation are repentance toward God for sin and a personal, heartfelt faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, resulting in regeneration. This salvation is entirely by grace and not by works.

Ephesians 2:6-10 | Romans 5:1 | Acts 3:19-20

Second Coming

We believe in the visible, bodily return of Christ to this earth to judge the world and to claim His Bride.

I Thessalonians 4:13-18 | Revelation 1:7


We believe that the Church is Christ’s spiritual body on earth today. It consists of born-again believers with both universal and local expressions.

Matthew 16:18 | Acts 20:28

Heaven and Hell

We believe in the doctrines of eternal punishment for the lost and eternal bliss for the saved; hell for the unsaved and heaven for the saved.

John 14:1-3 | Revelation 20:11-15


We believe that Satan is a fallen, created being who is the “god of this world.” He and his well-organized company of demons are opposed to the Kingdom of God and work to defeat and destroy the believer. While his activity is real, Satan and his demon spirits were defeated and overthrown by Christ’s victory at the cross.

Luke 10:17-20 | Colossians 2:13-15 | Ephesians 6:10-18

Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit to be the third person of the Godhead who is active in the world today. The Spirit indwells and seals the believer at new birth. We believe that baptism in the Holy Spirit is a subsequent experience and is available to all Christians to empower them to be witnesses. We believe in and encourage the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

John 14:16-17 | Acts 1:8 | 2:1-4


We believe that believer’s water baptism and the Lord’s Supper are sacraments of the Church and should be practiced regularly. 

Acts 2:38 | Romans 6:3-10 | 1 Corinthians 10:16-21

Racial Reconciliation

The Body and Church of Christ is made up of many different ethnicities and all people stand equal before God. Any belief that one ethnic group is superior than another violates the biblical truth that all people are made in His image. It is unto that end that the universal Church of Jesus Christ and each individual member is called to the ministry of reconciliation in their own sphere of influence to bring about righteous justice on the earth. Click here for New Life’s full statement on racial reconciliation.

Genesis 1.26-27 | Micah 6.8 | Ephesians 2.11-18 | 1 Corinthians 12

Sexuality & Marriage

The issue of covenant stands at the center of the Triune God’s nature and His interactions with mankind. In like manner, all human covenants are to mirror that which is seen by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This understanding of God’s nature guides our view of the expression of marriage and our sexuality. Marriage was uniquely created by God for the display of His love and glory to an unredeemed world as a portrait of God’s unfailing love to His people, Jesus’ love for His Church, and how the Church is to be devoted to Christ in return. Furthermore, the sexual ethic within Scripture is clear: physical intimacy and sexual love are to be expressed solely between a husband and a wife. Click here for New Life’s full statement on marriage & sexuality.

Genesis 2.24 | Matthew 19.4-6 | Ephesians 5.25-32