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Our Values

The Word

Jesus made it clear when quoting Deuteronomy, “Man does not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” We believe that Scripture is the written revelation of who God is, who we are, the measuring stick for living in every age, an the final authority in every person’s life. We believe it’s inspired in its nature, infallible in its content, and sufficient in its power to change our life. 


Scripture gives us an incredible promise that God Himself would be found in the middle of the worship of His people. We believe praise and worship create an atmosphere by which we encounter God and are transformed into His image. As a church, we desire to be a people of worship who are exuberant, eclectic, and celebratory; and where spiritual gifts are encouraged and exercised with freedom and order. We also believe that worship is more than singing, but a lifestyle that sees our heart, mind, and soul fully pursuing His presence. 


Jesus said that His house would be called a house of prayer for all the nations. New Life believes that all ministry and transformation flows out of prayer. As families in our homes, we pray. As believers in the marketplace, we contend. As a church, on behalf of our communities, we intercede. Across our various campuses, we have numerous prayer gatherings with the intent to mobilize believers to pray for each other and our city. We believe that we can do a lot of things other than pray, but we can do nothing until we pray.