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Our History

"...for every nation, tribe and tongue."

Intentional in our mission through display and action, New Life Providence Church (now New Life Church) was formed in 1999 when Pastor Daniel Backens and Pastor Kevin Turpin endeavored to create something previously unseen in the Christian community of Hampton Roads, VA—a church that consciously reflects our eternity in heaven. It is their belief that Jesus’ desire is for His Church on earth to consist of people from every nation, tribe, and tongue living in unity. New Life Church would be a people willing to learn from others whose lives are dissimilar to their own as we all live to glorify God. Diversity is not tolerated, rather it is embraced. 

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The New Life method of growth? Authentic, diverse worship paired with fervent and consistent prayer. This vision caught fire throughout the cities of Hampton Roads, and New Life found its membership growing from 600 in 1999 to over 6,000 today. The rapid growth and divine timing of available buildings led New Life to construct a multisite strategy. The Deep Creek campus was acquired in 2010, Ghent in 2012, and Town Center in 2017. Each campus has a shared, unifying vision with a unique, location-specific implementation.

New Life is not a church built on sustaining a certain culture or politics; it is built on sustaining the Kingdom of God. We invite you to see for yourself what God has planned for our future.