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Joining a local church is a very important decision and should not be entered into until it has been given much prayer and reflection. The Bible warns us, “How can two walk together unless they agree?” This seminar is for you to get to know the history, values, doctrine, structure, and vision of New Life. Every local church has unique distinctions, and we want you to know ours.

Jesus Christ promises us that He will build the Church that hell cannot overcome. When He said that in Matthew 16, He was not speaking in ethereal terms that were meant to be difficult to understand. Rather He was talking about a very real, earthly (not worldly) Church that has matured in God to such an extent that hell’s powers are broken. With this promise in view, God is strategically moving people all over the world into local churches for an end-time move of His Spirit. All of us are a part of this glorious plan!

New Life Church is a wonderful local church because of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and the exceptional people who have joined themselves in this church. From New Life’s first day until now, the Lord has blessed us in so many incredible ways, yet He has promised all of us that the best is yet ahead!

Join us for our next Discovery Seminar. We offer this membership class three times a year: in the winter, summer, and fall. Keep an eye out for the next Discovery Seminar. We believe you are here for a very important purpose–let’s discover it together!

The next Discovery Seminar is Saturday, April 20.

This event will be hosted at the Kempsville Campus. Registration is required.