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“In the race to a child’s heart, the first one there wins.” - George Barna

Composition notebooks, sketched illustrations, note taking, and doodles are all nostalgic memories that connect us to a time as a child and teenager. It wasn’t uncommon while sitting in a classroom, park, or bedroom that we would often dream or ultimately IMAGINE what could be.

Images and words spark our motivation and remind us of our goals and dreams. That’s what we’re doing with our concept of IMAGINE—using this look to once again revive and awaken the child, visionary, dreamer, and imagineer within every single one of us.

Imagine with us: a New Life Family Ministries not as what currently is, but what could be. Let’s IMAGINE!

The Vision

The IMAGINE Campaign, at its very core, is intended to focus and resource New Life Church to be a church with a compelling family ministry that is committed to a clear roadmap of effective discipleship for every child and student. For this to become a reality, our Family Ministries motto must be emblazoned on every church member’s heart, “Every child and student within New Life must have someone in their life who knows their name, knows their story, and is praying for them.”  

When any church ignores what’s broken in a generation, they forfeit their right to have influence in that generation. We will not be a church that buries our head in the sand, but we will awaken ourselves to do more than we are currently doing. Imagine building a world and a church where…  

…Children and youth aren’t treated like the church of tomorrow but like the church of today. 

… Every child receives love, compassion, and hope. 

…Parents are celebrated, championed, and equipped to be the best version of themselves possible. 

…Family Ministries volunteers see themselves as spiritual mothers and fathers, not simply a name to fill in a volunteer slot. 

…The family and the church intentionally partner together for the nurturing and discipling of every child and youth. 

…A grace-filled message of redemption is constantly shared with every student. 

…Students are prepared to live, share, and defend their faith as adults.

Can you imagine? Will you imagine? 

The Strategy

We recognize it’s not the scope of our mission that will determine success, but rather the effectiveness of our strategy. The Family Ministries strategic plan will help guide the church’s decision-making moving forward in achieving the vision and mission for our kid and youth ministries. This will allow us to identify how to approach ministry and best allocate people, time, and resources. We recognize that strategy is a plan of action with an end in mind. In that, our goal is to create a culture where every child and student has someone in their life who knows their name, knows their story and is praying for them. This person will also disciple them to be fully a devoted follower of Jesus.  

A significant part of our strategy fits within a 3-prong approach. 

  1. Adding to our Family Ministries Personnel Team   
  2. Improving upon and Creating new Family Ministries Programs & Outreaches
  3. Creating and Improving upon our Family Ministries Facilities

Family Ministries Personnel Expansions

We will be budgeting for and adding six additional part-time and/or full-time family ministry positions. 

  • Ghent Campus KidLife Director  
  • Ghent Campus YouthLife Director  
  • Town Center Campus Family Ministries Director  
  • Special Needs Coordinator  
  • YouthLife Worship Coordinator 
  • Churchwide Family Ministries Pastor 

Family Ministries Programs & Outreach Expansions

  • Team Kid (KidLife Elementary Discipleship Program) 
  • New Life Children’s Choir 
  • Breakfast Club (Weekend Service Middle School Program) 
  • Hampton Roads School Partnerships 
  • Family Ministries Mental Health Partnership 
  • Family Night 
  • NextGen Worship Camp  

Family Ministries Facilities Improvements and Expansions

Deep Creek Campus  

  • Renovate the KidLife Elementary chapel 
  • Upgrade the outdoor playground
  • Upgrade video surveillance throughout Family Ministries areas 

Ghent Campus  

  • Establish a KidLife Elementary chapel 
  • Install a KidLife Preschool indoor play zone 
  • Design and install express check-in center 
  • Upgrade video surveillance throughout Family Ministries areas

Kempsville Campus  

  • Establish a Youth chapel
  • Create Special Needs room  
  • Update Family Ministries entryway  
  • Create outdoor Family Ministries space 
  • Upgrade video surveillance throughout Family Ministries area 

Town Center Campus  

  • Renovate the KidLife Elementary chapel  
  • Update Family Ministries entryway 
  • Upgrade video surveillance throughout Family Ministries areas   

Legacy Foundation & Fund

New Life Church is establishing what is referred to as our Legacy Foundation. This foundation is reserved specifically for the grandparents of New Life as they desire to plant financial seeds knowing that much spiritual fruit will be born into the hearts of children and teenagers for years to come. Additionally, we will be establishing a Legacy wall to honor the seeds of investment that will forever impact lives.

Join the Family Ministries Team

If you would like more information about the possibility of serving at New Life’s family ministry team, sign up below. There are weekly, biweekly, and monthly opportunities to be part of discipling kids and teenagers.

Partnership Between Parent & Church

Two combined influences make a greater impact than two individual influences. If you are a parent of a child birth to 18 years, we desire to come alongside of you and partner together with a combined effort of discipleship with your child. We will provide both weekly and monthly resources to help accent and complement your investment into your kids, as well as have an open door of availability to you for both prayer and investment into your family. 

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