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Having the expectation that God is going to answer our prayers takes a great deal of audacity and faith. The enemy loves to cloud our mind with doubt and “what if’s” to attack our faith. What if we use the wrong verbiage in prayer? What if our hearts were not pure when we prayed? What if God didn’t hear us? What if he doesn’t come though? What if our irritation with our boss keeps our prayer from being answered?   

Yet, in the midst of our own frailty and doubt, God honors our faith. He isn’t annoyed with our anxiety, instead he gives us his Spirit to soothe our doubts and calms our fears. Additionally, the Lord gives us the gift of expectation through faith. 

To be expectant is to be excited about something before it manifests. It’s the audacity to believe that something good is coming out of a unfavorable situation. It’s the faith to believe that God knows what’s best for you, even if the circumstances can incite a loss of faith altogether. Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ, our mediator, who doesn’t get irritated when we need a small nudge in the area of faith and expectation. 

Mark 5: 21-43 details an account of Jairus, a synagogue ruler, who received a little nudge from Jesus Christ in the area of faith and expectation. Jairus was in a situation that would test the faith of the most devout person. His daughter was dying and Jesus was his only hope. In the midst of the despair and the unbelief of the ones around Jairus, Jesus said these words, “Don’t be afraid, just believe”. 

In that moment, expectation and faith collided. The daughter of Jairus was healed and the faith and expectation of Jairus was not put to shame. When you find yourself in a situation that seems impossible, remind yourself that there is no penalty for having faith in God. 

Today, the Lord is speaking over you: 

Don’t be afraid, just have faith.

Don’t be afraid, just raise your expectations 

Don’t be afraid of the “amen”. 

You will not be put to shame. 

A Prayer:

Lord, I’m trusting that you can give me the gift of expectation. I believe that you see me in the waiting and that you haven’t missed any of my prayers. Renew my mind and give me a peace that surpasses understanding. Where there is fog, give me the faith to see clearly. Where there is grief, give me the expectancy to hope for better days. Show me how to expect you and give you the praise in the waiting. Amen.

– Dee Evans

“In that moment, expectation and faith collided.”

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  1. Hearing the spoken word is important. Mixing it with faith, then acting on it completes the whole purpose of its existence in our lives. Romans 1:17; 10:8-11; Hebrews 4:1-12; 10:35-39

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