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In Psalms 85.6-7, the sons of Korah, inspired by the Holy Spirit, sang these words, “Will You not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You? Show us your unfailing love O LORD and grant us Your salvation.”  Something simple is in view: There is a deep need for a fresh touch of His Spirit to cause the places that are dead and cold to come alive again. We firmly believe this happens in the place of prayer and purposed encounter and have themed this month of prayer, “Revive.”  

The road map for this year’s 21 Days of Prayer is a request for God to revive us again to the heart of Heaven. Our prayer guide and the month are mapped out through three specific requests—a revival of hearts in prayer that lead us:  

  • Inward | Prayer that leads to intimacy with Him 
  • Upward | Prayer that leads to adoration of Him  
  • Outward | Prayer that leads to community influence with Him

From Jan 9-29, join us as we fast, pray, worship, and intentionally position our hearts to encounter God. Find out more about the 2022 21 Days of Prayer activities and/or commit to fasting below. 

Kick-off with 22 Hours of Prayer  
Starting on January 7 at 6:00p, we will have 22 hours of consecutive prayer and worship at the Kempsville campus. You’re welcome to come and go during this time as we set the atmosphere for this year’s month of prayer. 

Prayer Meetings  
Instead of morning prayer, each campus will hold an evening prayer meeting at 7:00p.  

  • Monday: Town Center 
  • Tuesday: Kempsville  
  • Thursday: Ghent 
  • Friday: Deep Creek

    Our online weekly prayer will still be held on Mondays at 8:00a (Click here to join).

Wednesday Night Revival  
Every Wednesday at 7:00p from January 9-29, we’re gathering our entire church at the Kempsville campus for Revival Nights. Each week we’ll have special guests, to include Hans Hess, Isik Abla, and Adam Cates + Big House worship. This old school revival will also be streamed live everywhere you watch our Sunday morning service.

Child Care During Revive
Child care will be available during Wednesday Night Revivals (on January 12, 19, & 26) and also will be available during the Prayer Summit on January 29. Outside of the two above listed events, there is no child care available.

Early Morning Live Devotional 
Join us live on Facebook and YouTube every Monday-Friday at 6:30a as a member of our staff walks us through the day’s devotional. 

REVIVE: 21 Days of Prayer Devotional Guide 
Our pastoral staff has written a 21 Day “Revive” Devotional to guide the church through the inward, upward and outward focus of this Month of Prayer. They are available at all of our campuses for purchase during weekend services and a digital version is available today.


As a church, we are fasting in order to deepen our relationship with God and to walk in step with His plan and purpose. The best way to do this is to redirect our food source. This is accomplished through substituting our regular food intake with Bible reading, praying, and journaling. The overall goal is to experience a genuine hunger for spending time with God. 

Types of Fasts 

  • Complete Fast
    In this type of fast, you drink only liquids, typically water with light juices as an option.  
  • Selective Fast
    This type of fast involves removing certain elements from your diet. One example of a selective fast is the Daniel Fast, during which you remove meat, sweets, and bread from your diet and consume water and juice for fluids and fruits and vegetables for food.  
  • Soul Fast
    This fast is a great option if you do not have much experience fasting food, have health issues that prevent you from fasting food, or if you wish to refocus certain areas of your life that are out of balance. For example, you might choose to stop using social media or watching television for the duration of the fast and then carefully bring that element back into your life in healthy doses at the conclusion of the fast. 

Which Fast Are You Committing To?


For New Life’s 21 Days of Prayer, KidLife will be focusing on prayer, intercession, and the spiritual battle that wages on. We are drawing battle lines and suiting up for spiritual warfare! Our theme for KidLife Elementary ministry is Battle Ready. Kids will learn what it means to have victory with God in a fun and active way. We’ll look into the battle stories of heroes like David and Deborah to teach kids that they can overcome through the power of prayer. We’re excited to train and advance this next generation of the Army of God.   

This 8-part theme will be an elementary specific program that will be unpacked in both campus specific New Life weekend services as well as Churchwide corporate prayer gatherings.  

  1. Who’s Team Are You On? / God wants us to stand with Him – January 1st & 2nd – All KidLife Weekend Services  
  2. Suit Up (The Armor of God) / God will equip us for every challenge we face – January 8th & 9th – All KidLife Weekend Services   
  3. Target Practice / God gives us courage so we can have victory – January 12th – Churchwide KidLife Wednesday Night Revive Meeting in KV Auditorium from 7:00-8:30 
  4. Weapons Drawn / God can help us let go of fear – January 15th & 16th – All KidLife Weekend Services 
  5. A Good Defense / With God’s help, we will never give up! – January 19th – Churchwide KidLife Wednesday Night Revive Meeting in KV Auditorium from 7:00-8:30 *(Included within NextGen School of Discipleship and Arts regularly scheduled 6:00-8:30 Program) 
  6. Calling for Help / When you’re in trouble – pray! – January 22nd & 23rd – All KidLife Weekend Services  
  7. Battle Lines / Always show compassion to everyone you meet – January 26th – Churchwide KidLife Wednesday Night Revive Meeting in KV Auditorium from 7:00-8:30 
  8. Don’t Fight Alone / God wants us to serve with and encourage our fellow believers – January 28th – Churchwide KidLife Saturday Prayer Summit meeting in KV Auditorium from 9:00-10:30

In addition to our 8 sessions, we are excited to be able to provide resources, conversation starters, and tools that allow the church and the family unit to partner together. We will be uploading these resources and tools on our New Life Family Ministry Facebook Group.


The YOUTH ministry at New Life Church is looking forward to the upcoming 21 Days of Prayer, January 2022.  Our vision is… 

REVIVAL WITHIN YOU(TH): to see revival break out among the middle and high school students of our church  

REVIVAL AROUND YOU(TH): to empower our students to contend for revival amongst their generation in America.  

We encourage every student to participate in the following four components of our REVIVE YOUTH month.  

Every Wednesday from 6:00-8:30 (Kempsville campus), middle and high schoolers are invited to come be a part of something bigger than themselves and contend for God to cause a shift in their generation. 

  • Week 1
    “A Night of Prophecy” where students can hear a personal encouraging word from trusted staff and ministers of New Life Church.
  • Week 2
    “Revival Within You, part 1”, a message on the consequences of sin. 
  • Week 3
    “Revival Within You, part 2”, a message on the joys of repentance.  
  • Week 4
    “Revival Around You”, a night of corporate worship and intercession on behalf of a generation.

Campus youth pastors will go LIVE on Instagram (@newlifeyouth757) to Have a little fun and encourage students in their prayer life.

Join us for three weeks in pursuing God radically by signing up and joining one of the following fasts:

  • Fast One
    Meats and Sweets
  • Fast Two
    Media and Entertainment 

YOUTH: Which Fast Are You Committing To?

*For further understanding on fasting, come to the first YOUTH NIGHT of the month.  

Download “The Pause App” and complete 21 days of consecutive pauses with a total minimum of 200 minutes (about 10 minutes per day) and you’ll be invited to an exclusive dinner to celebrate your completion! Challenge starts on January 5th and ends on January 26th. Students who complete must attend the final YOUTH NIGHT to receive their award. Sign up coming soon!

YOUTH: Will You Commit to the Pause App Challenge?