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The Amen

This word is a confirmation that what is about to be stated or has been taught is a valid, confirming word, and a statement of truth that can be firmly trusted. As members of the Body of Christ, His Church, we are in a position in which we function under a covering of truth in all that we declare before the Father, even what we pray concerning our relationship with God. Prayer follows this that God is faithful and is absolutely committed to displaying in our lives those petitions we offer on the altar of His Word, an expression of His integrity.

The Great Amen is Grace Revealed

Before Christ, we were sinners and without hope of redemption. He declared that the display of His grace was conferred upon us by faith. The Apostle called it the Law of Faith, as opposed to the law of [personal], works that many of us wrestle with.

Our Righteousness Flows From this Fountain

Faith is an integral aspect of communicating desires to God and anticipating answers related to what we need. In Christ, His righteousness put us in the right standing with God. It puts us in a place where we can expect answers, not because of our personal worth, but because of our relationship with the Father.

Our Human Challenge is, “What Is Our Focus?”

Sometimes prayer fulfills an expectation due to certain words and phrases we use, even quotations from Scripture to validate our position with God.

Finding the Discovery of His Reservoir of Joy

Often. we need a fresh discovery as we walk with the Lord. It is a discovery of joy found in the atmosphere of prayer that allows us to relax regarding our prayer needs. He is all-sufficient, in control of everything, including us. We still pray, offer our requests, and present vital needs, but finding joy in our prayer relationship frees us from worry and frustration.

The Brightness of His Presence

Earthly importance seems to fade into the awesome brightness of His presence that is created in prayer fellowship with Him and worry disappears as an awareness of His oversight over our lives dawns upon us.


  1. Before presenting your need before the Father, spend some time blessing Him and thanking Him for His love and care of your life.
  2. Spend some time praying in the Spirit (tongues) that will connect your heart with the Father and energize your love and appreciation for His goodness.
  3. As you present your petition before Him, picture yourself being received by the Father in love and affection.
  4. Ensure your communication is filled with praise, thanks, and anticipation that He is manifesting answers; expecting to see a manifestation of an answer.
  5. Conclude your prayer time with Him with anticipation of another scheduled session that will be welcomed by the Father; He loves to hear from us!
  6. Seek to experience enjoyment in the Father’s presence, not just labor to get there.

– James Solomon

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